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The number of open source libraries I have used is impossible to count and there’s hardly a month goes by without finding a new way to use one or a new one to use. There are so many widely used and hugely useful libraries in the Java ecosystem that we often take them for granted but there is a community of people who dedicate their free time (or in many cases, all their time) to enhancing and fixing these libraries so that we all benefit. Contributing back to open source can become complicated when you work as a Software Engineer…

What it looks like when your app gets terminated twice in one week by the Linux oom-killer

I recently worked on a tricky issue where our application was terminated ungracefully twice in one week after being enabled in a high-volume production environment. All signs pointed to some sort of memory issue but there was little concrete data to assist in identifying the root cause. What followed was a couple of weeks of bewildering frustration, an existential crisis or two and a hard-earned lesson with a satisfactory conclusion. …

Conor Griffin

Software Engineer at Workday

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